Nation® Latex

DESCRIPTION: NS Latex Paint is a high-quality, low-cost alternative. It is a low-odor, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-based paint.

PRINCIPAL USES: For interior concrete, stucco, bricks plaster, drywall, and hollow blocks. Also used for properly primed wood.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE:   25-30 square meters per 4 liters per coat 

SURFACE DRY:   Thirty (30) minutes 

DRY THROUGH:  Two (2) hours 

DRY FILM THICKNESS:  1-1.5 mils/coat 

OVERCOATING INTERVAL:  Allow one hour before recoating. 

THINNING:  If necessary, thin with not more than ½ liter of water per 4-liter can

APPLICATION:  paint brush, roller or airless spray. 

PACKAGING:  16-liter, 4-liter, and 1-liter cans

COLORANTS: Use only BOYSEN® Latex Colors for tinting to achieve pastel shades. 


1st Coat: NS Latex Paint Flat White
Putty:  BOYSEN® Masonry Putty #7311
2nd & 3rd Coat: NS Latex Paint Flat White or
NS Gloss Latex White


New Painting Concrete

  1. Allow new masonry to dry for 14 to 28 days under normal weather conditions. Surface to be painted should be clean and dry, free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, contaminants, and all loose grit and mortar. 
  2. Treat new masonry with a solution of 1 part BOYSEN® Masonry Neutralizer #44 diluted in 16 parts water, applying liberally by brush or roller. 
  3. Let it stand overnight before rinsing with water or rough sanding to remove white crystals that form on the surface. 
  4. Let dry before painting.

Repainting Concrete

Remove all loose, scaling, flaking and peeling off paint using BOYSEN® Paint and Varnish Remover #141, wire brushing, scraping, or water blasting. Let it dry. For chalking old paint, use BOYSEN® Masonry Surface Conditioner #304 as primer. In case of mildew infestation, treat with a fungicidal wash solution by swabbing or brushing. To ensure proper treatment, allow to remain on the surface for 24 hours. Let dry.