Nation® Wood Bleach 1 & 2

DESCRIPTION:  Nation® Wood Bleach 1 & 2 is a two solution preparation for a very natural wood finish, for removing stains, or for changing a previously stained surface to a lighter tone.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 25 sq.m / gallon

SURFACE DRY: 5-6 hours

DRY THROUGH: 24 hours


THINNING: not necessary

PACKAGING: 3.785 liter, 946.25 ml, and 473.12 ml bottles


New wood surfaces:

1st coat: Nation® Wood Bleach 1 & 2
Apply first Nation® Wood Bleach #1 for about 10-15 minutes, followed by Nation® Wood Bleach #2 letting stay for also 10-15 minutes. For lighter color, repeat application of Nation® Wood Bleach #2. Sponge off surface with water. Let dry then sand lightly. Allow 12 hours before applying stain or sealer.

2nd coat: BOYSEN® Oil Wood Stain (optional)

Final coat: BOYSEN® Varnishes


Old finish in bad condition should be stripped. BOYSEN® Paint and Varnish Remover #141 can be used to totally remove the finish. Make sure to clean and dry before coating as indicated for new wood. Solvent wipe stripper treated areas to remove residue.